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Many thanks to the staff at fanartists-club! Their clear and concise rules were a huge help in setting up our own, either as a reference or used word-for-word. This was done with permission, provided a link-back and credit was given and you're looking at it. :D

:wave:Welcome to Quality-Bleach:wave:

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Quality-Bleach! This group was designed specifically to showcase Bleach fan-art that the artists can be proud of. We are looking for pieces that took not only considerable skill, but effort and creativity as well. Despite what some say, there is such a thing as original fan-art. The work featured in our galleries is a testament to that.

A secondary, but no less important reason for this group's inception was the desperate need for a fan-club with standards. No one wants to see the same images paraded about over and over again, typically by those who either traced or "eyeballed" an image created by Tite Kubo or even other dA artists. The founders of this group go to great lengths to assure that all work accepted is original. We have a zero-tolerance policy for stolen or plagiarized work. Violators images are reported to dA staff, removed from the group and occasionally, reported to our affiliate AntiArtThieving should we discover a large amount of stolen work in their personal gallery.

Originality is just as important to us as the quality of the image produced. While we do not have anything against referencing images, if a submission ends up looking exactly like the original or was obviously based off another work, it will be declined.

:reading: Before You Join :reading:

Things to keep in mind or consider prior to becoming a Member of this group:
  • READ THE RULES! We maintain a higher standard than the average fan-group. If you're just looking to submit copies, traces or scans of Kubo (or any other artist's) work, this is not the group for you. We have a zero-tolerance policy in place for deviations that violate either dA policy and/or copyright laws. If you submit a deviation that is a violation, it will be reported and you will be removed from the group immediately.

  • While everyone is welcome to become a Member of Quality-Bleach, if you don't intend to submit or suggest any work, please consider simply watching the group instead. :+devwatch:

  • All submissions by Members must be voted on, we do not auto-accept art. With exception of Contributors and Founders. If you cannot handle the possibility of rejection, please reconsider becoming a Member. If your submission is rejected, take it for what it is, a challenge to improve. No one starts at the top.
  • All submissions must be original work to be considered.

:gallery: Gallery Submissions :gallery:

Below is a expanded list of what will and will not be accepted in this group. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by note or in the comment section below.

We Accept:

:bulletgreen: Traditional & Digital Art
  • We happily welcome both styles of artwork, both traditional and digital. Scans or photographs of traditional work must be sharp, clear images, however. If your submission is blurred or damaged, we will ask for a re-scan.

:bulletgreen: Handmade Crafts
  • We do accept quality photographs of hand-made fan creations. They must be 100% original; do not submit images of official Bleach products.

:bulletgreen: Wallpapers & Stamps
  • They must contain original work, as with any other submission.

:bulletgreen: Fan-Characters
  • We welcome art containing fan-characters (OC's), so long as they are not featured alongside any canon characters. (romantically or platonically)

  • Please try to only submit fan-characters that actually appear to be related to the Bleach series.

:bulletgreen: Commissioned Work
  • While we prefer to have the original artist submit the commission, we will accept the commissioner's copy, provided the artist is fully credited and they have permission to post it. Should both commissioner and artist submit the same image, the artist's submission will be favored.

:bulletgreen: Mild 'Mature' Art
  • Limited nudity is accepted, provided the character(s) are above the age of 18. The work must be done in good taste.

:bulletgreen: Colored Line Art
  • It should go without saying, but it bears repeating all the same. Your submission of colored line art must be original! You must also have permission from the artist, and provide them proper credit in your deviation comments. (This means providing a link back to the artist's deviantART account and the original image.)

We Do Not Accept:

:bulletred: Cosplay

:bulletred: Literature
  • Regardless of the image used as the header, we do not accept any literature deviations.

:bulletred: Crossovers
  • We do not accept work that features characters from other shows/mangas. A Bleach character cosplaying is acceptable, however.

:bulletred: Character Sheets
  • While we do accept artwork with fan-characters, we do not accept character-sheets regardless of how well-done they may be.

:bulletred: Pornographic/Fetish Art
  • While we do accept some mild nudity, we absolutely will not accept fetish, pornographic or sexually offensive deviations. This also includes intentionally oversized anatomy that is not an accurate representation of the character.

:bulletred: Boys/Girls Love
  • Please see the description in our Pairings folder for more information.

:bulletred: Non-Original Work
  • As stated in multiple places, we will not accept non-original work. Submission of art that has been traced, plagiarized, or otherwise copied from an original work will result in automatic removal from this group, along with the offending image being reported. (When applicable)

:bulletred: Photography & Photo-Manipulations
  • While we accept photographs of hand-crafted items, we do not accept any other photographs or photo-manips.

:bulletred: Works in Progress (WiP)
  • Each deviation you submit must be a finished product. We do not accept WiPs. Please wait until you have completely finished the image before submitting here.

:bulletred: Multiples
  • Please do not submit multiple versions of the same image. Select only one to submit. Should you disregard this and submit them anyway, you will be asked to withdraw one of the duplicates. It will not be voted on, so please, don't waste our time and your submission limits.

:bulletred: Damaged Goods
  • For traditional art, the submitted work must be cleaned and free of any visible damage such as wrinkles, rips or stains. Blurred images will require a rescan before they will be voted on.

    :? Gallery Folders :?

    Because of the expansive cast in Bleach, this group has a large number of folders. To cut back on that amount, some have been combined. Most are pretty self-explanatory, but just to be safe, the majority of them contain a brief description and listing of what characters can be submitted in each.

    Please be certain you're selecting the correct folder when submitting. If you select the incorrect folder, we will ask that you withdraw your request and resubmit in the correct folder.

    Do not delete your submission correspondence! This is the only way you will find out whether your submission has been accepted, rejected or expired. It will also tell you whether voting is still going on, so for your sake and ours, please do not delete it!

    Both the Featured folder and our Favorites gallery are reserved, submissions cannot be made to either. Please see the descriptions inside the folders for a detailed explanation.

    :stinkeye: Declined Submissions :stinkeye:

    Please remember that we are looking for the best in Bleach fan-art. Doodles, rough or extremely sketchy images generally will not be accepted. Your submission should have taken effort and should also showcase both your ability and creativity. If you are obviously not proud of your piece (i.e. comments to the effect that you think it's terrible/you could do better/it's just a crappy doodle don't look very good) it can effect our decision. We do look at these things when considering a submission, and if even you don't think it's good enough, why should we?

    Declined submissions are typically rejected either because they violated our rules/dA policy or because they simply did not meet our standard of quality. For the latter, the most common reasons are anatomy and coloring issues.

    If you'd like an explanation as to why your submission was declined, please ask in the submission correspondence so that we know exactly what image you are referring to. DO NOT ASK ON OUR FRONT PAGE. Unless requested to do so, we generally do not provide an explanation when declining a submission, unless it is a violation of dA policy, in which case you will be both informed and removed from the group.

    Please do not resubmit previously declined works unless you have improved considerably upon the image or have been asked to do so specifically. (i.e. If you submitted a scanned image that was blurred and we asked you to rescan and resubmit.) If you resubmit the same image over and over again, and there are no obvious changes, you're only going to annoy us. You will also receive a warning, that, if ignored, can end in you being permanently removed from the group.

    If your work is not accepted here, please do not take it personally. Being ugly to our admins will accomplish nothing outside of demonstrating your own immaturity and inability to grow. No one starts at the top, and the artists we do feature have worked long and hard to hone their skills. It takes time and endless practice to improve, but so long as you keep at it, you will get better. And once you do, feel free to try and submit again.

    DO NOT LINK YOUR WORK ON OUR FRONT PAGE. There are very few reasons comments made on this group's page will be hidden, but that is one of them. If you are linking your work because you have not yet submitted it, you will be indicated to do so. If you are linking it because it was rejected by our voting process, you will be banned from the group. Period.

    If your submission expired, we apologize. This generally means that we were not able to get enough votes during that time to successfully Approve or Decline. You may resubmit expired submissions at any time.

    :painter: Standard of Quality :painter:

    As mentioned on our front page, we only accept submissions that are at or above a certain level of quality. This is not to be "elitist jerks", but to provide a group that maintains a high level of quality and weeds out the mass of stolen/traced/copied images so often submitted to fan clubs.

    As previously stated, do not take your work being rejected personally. It does not mean you are a bad artist or that we do not like you. Our votes do not necessarily represent how good your work is, as that is entirely subjective and the result of your submission relies on many variables. All submissions require a certain number of votes before a decision is made, and so, majority rules. Votes are rarely unanimous, so please do not abuse our admin if you are unhappy with being declined.

    For work that must be photographed or scanned in, please remember that we are looking for a clean presentation. Submissions that are blurred, on lined paper or where the edges or wrinkles are visible will be declined. However, we will often ask that you re-scan, re-photograph or make a minor alteration and resubmit, should we feel the work would have otherwise been accepted.

    Should you have any questions or require a more detailed explanation of one of the points or rules listed above, please feel free to comment here. We also welcome any suggestions you may have on how to improve this group.

    Many thanks for taking out the time to read over the above information and for your interest in Quality-Bleach. We hope you like what you see!